Photo Booths

Mirror Photo Booth

Add  a touch of glamour and sophistication to your events by incorporating a sleek, reflective surface that doubles as a captivating display.

With its modern design and ability to instantly print high-quality images, the Mirror Photo Booth elevates the entertainment experience and creates lasting memories for event attendees.


360-Degree Photo Booth

A 360-degree photo booth for events offers an immersive and interactive experience for attendees, allowing them to capture dynamic, panoramic images from every angle.

Utilizing multiple cameras to capture a complete view of the surroundings, the 360-Degree Photo Booth provides a unique perspective that traditional photo booths cannot achieve.

With the ability to instantly share these engaging photos on social media platforms, they serve as a memorable and entertaining addition to any event.

Illuminated Photo Booth

An illuminated photo booth for events offers a visually stunning experience, with vibrant LED lighting that can be customized to match the event’s theme or color scheme.

This booth creates a dynamic atmosphere, attracting guests with their bright and inviting glow.

Combined with high-quality photography equipment and instant printing capabilities, the illuminated photo booth becomes a focal point of entertainment, providing attendees with memorable keepsakes while adding a touch of excitement to any occasion.

Bring Fun & Excitement to Your Next Event!

These photo booths can instantly provides fun and excitement for guests of all ages to enjoy with the party props we provide. Check out our different photo booth options!  Contact us for more information.